Sound Design, Projection Design, Art Curation, Performance Artist, Musician, Impresario

Welcome to my website!

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native who has been designing and creating theater professionally since 2010. In 2012 I received my BA from San Francisco State University, where I graduated as Drama Department Honoree. Since then my sound designs have been heard in numerous theaters within the Bay Area and across the nation. Recently, with support from the San Francisco Playhouse, I’ve had the opportunity to study projection design and to incorporate this new element into my career. I’ve received numerous nominations for my design work from Bay Area Theater Critics Circle,  Theater Bay Area, and TSDCA. In 2012 I received the Eric Landisman fellowship grant which identified me as an emerging designer. 

Sound design, which requires active listening,  has guided my approach in my other creative pursuits. In addition to my work as a designer I also devise and curate new theatrical experiences with San Francisco based company Mugwumpin and my own Oakland based company Klanghaus. Started out of pocket in mid 2015, Klanghaus received Theater Bay Area’s CA$H grant in 2016 to fund another year of monthly happenings and continued development of new works.

I strive to bring a flexible, imaginative, and supportive attitude to any creative endeavor I embark on. Each production and collaboration is an opportunity to further develop my craft.




Sounds of Shows Past

by Theodore J.H Hulsker

At the start of each sound design process I make a sound "sketch" or collage in order to communicate the sounds, music, moods and themes I'm interested in exploring through my design. This playlist is a selection of sketches, experiments and ambient music from past and upcoming projects.